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ICHI! is out now on the Goole Play Store and has a different formula to my last 2 games. With Quad and Why Tri! it was all time based and you had to click the correct button before the time ran out, In ICHI! you just have to tap the left and right side of the screen to move the little white square and get through as many gaps as possible.


There are 2 difficulty settings with separate leaderboards and 30 achievements that can be unlocked. Like the last game ICHI! was made using Construct 2 and compiled using Intel XDK.


The total development time for this one was only about 15 hours with most of the time taken up by trying to balance the difficulties to make sure normal was a pain and hard was like being kicked in the balls over and over again.

The next game will be out in a few months once I have finished working out what it will be… It will probably involve a 2 in it somewhere though.

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