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Ludum Dare 36

Like a lot of other people I spent my time working on an entry for Ludum Dare, In the past I have always tried to actually do something but always got distracted. This time it was different and I actually managed to set aside some time to actually work on something.

So here is a quick beakdown on what I managed to through together, It is a top down “adventure” game with the core concept taken from Sabre Wulf. You go through the randomly generated map trying to avoid the snakes and collect 4 parts of an ancient technology.


The position of the 4 pieces are randomly decided once the map generation is finished and the empty spaces are known, Once they have been placed the snakes are then randomly placed but the amount of snakes depends on the RNG output so there could be any from 1 to 12 on the run. Once all 4 pieces are collected the win state is triggered and you are presented with the ancient techology that was on the 4 pieces which is randomly picked from a pool of 16.

There are a couple of things that annoy me like the light not being centered on the player sprite and the generation can be a bit of a dick at times and block off the last piece or spawn a snake or 3 in the same room as you. I may work on a post jam version and fix those bugs and expand the tileset being used and add in some traps, different map sizes, more NPCs, better lighting and a HUD to show collected pieces.

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