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Project Square

So on Twitter over the past few weeks I have been talking about Project Square and the time has finally come to talk a bit more about what this actually is and also tell you that the actual name for the game is Quad.

Project Square

Quad is a very simple Android game I have been developing as a way to learn HaxeFlixel and only involves tapping 4 boxes in the correct order. That on its own of course is not very fun or challenging so I added a timer to it of 2 seconds, This made it a bit harder but still very easy so I have been adjusting that value to see what time it can still be done in but make it more challenging.

That value is now 1.2 seconds, You have enough time to read the numbers on the boxes and then click them before they go away and the next set is generated.

For those interested you can find Quad here, Link will be live in a couple of hours 😉

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