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Two Too Released

So after a busy weekend Two Too is now available on the Google Play Store, I have decided to do something different this time and rather than throw in a bunch of ads the game is available for the amazingly cheap price of £0.69 which is roughly the cost of a packet of crisps.

Most of Sunday was spent trying to work out how to build and test for iOS, Luckily I managed to work that out and get some bugs fixed as well as adding all 3 million icons that you need to have. I put the iOS version in for review this morning so hopefully things will go well and it will be available soon.

Now it is time to chill out for a couple of weeks and maybe take part in the Ludum Dare this weekend while watching the racing…

Edit: Two Too is now available on iOS as well annoyingly the pricing is done in tiers so it costs a little bit more… sorry.

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