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Two Too Update #2

So a couple of weeks ago I posted the first update and there have been a few changes since then, A lot of them have been on the backend with level management but that seems to be working properly now so I can start to work on adding in some actual features which I will cover in a bit. The main change is the graphics have been updated from my programmer art to using some images I got in an asset pack a while ago.


The first think added was that little star that acts as the collectable for the level, The exit will only appear once all of the collectables have been obtained. At the moment it is fairly boring as I have a few levels that just make use of this and nothing else in an attempt to inform the player of what needs to be done. A bit later you get introduced to the second part I added which is the second player (hopefully the name makes sense now).

two-too_004There are a couple more levels where you continue to collect the stars and control the 2 players and this leads to the next mechanic I plan to implement which should make things more interesting but to find out what it is you will just have to wait for the next blog post or try and work it out from the tweets as I am working on it.

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