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Why Tri?

Back in February I released my latest Android game Why Tri? This is another simple game with the goal of tapping the correct colour before the time runs out.

Why Tri?

This was made using Construct 2 which is something I have been meaning to look at for a while now for small HTML 5 games but thought it would be interesting to use it for an Android game.

So far for downloads Quad is up to 120 and Why Tri? is up to 174 I don’t really expect this to change as they both look horrible and I am no designer. On AdMob things are a bit more interesting, Since it’s release Quad is up to £2.22 from 1,656 impressions and Why Tri? is sitting at £7.30 from 1,260 impressions so it looks like Why Tri? is more popular which is great.

Part of why Why Tri? could be more popular is the integration with Google Play Services, It has a leaderboard and some achievements for getting past certain scores, The current top score is 16 with 12 in 2nd place and 10 in 3rd place.

Hopefully with the next Android game I can cross the 200 downloads mark, I just need to come up with an idea that I like.

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