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During the day I am currently working for Selectec / PaperCut doing some very cool things with printing, Who would have thought there was more to it than just clicking that print button.

Before that I was working for HANDD Business Solutions in their Technical Support department working with various MFT products like GoAnywhere and EFT, I was also the guy who would create workflows and little applications using the available APIs to integrate with other products.

At night I like to pretend to be a game developer using things like Unity3D, Construct 2, Game Maker and HaxeFlixel which has worked out fairly well so far, I also like to mess with web applications and I am normally happiest with a terminal window (or 3) open in front of me.

Operating Systems: Windows (Desktop and Server), Linux (Ubuntu / Debian / CentOS / RHEL / SLES), OS X

Programming: C#, Java, Python, Go, Haxe

Web: HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP

If you have any interesting projects you need help with get in touch