Raspberry Pi - BT Home Hub

Looking under Google Analytics I have noticed I have managed to get some traffic for people searching how to access their Raspberry Pi through the BT Home Hub. I currently have mine set up to allow HTTP and SSH access from inside and outside my home network and here is how I did it.

Plug your Pi into your BT Home Hub or connect to it using wireless (I have mine plugged directly into the Home Hub)

Log in to the Home Hub and click on Settings then Port Forwarding.

On the left it will show you various default applications and on the right you can select the device, Just pick the service you will be connecting to and the Raspberry Pi for the device and you will be able to access it using your IP address.

If like me you don’t have a static IP there is an additional step you can take to set up a DNS service which will give you a URL you can use and make it easier to remember.

Click on Advanced Settings, Continue to Advanced Settings, Broadband, Dynamic DNS.

You will need to pick a service to use (I am using NoIP) then just fill out the information on the Home Hub and everything will now just work.

I have been using the Dynamic DNS on my Home Hub for my Pi since I got it and have not had any problems yet, I also added some extra ports to allow RDP for those times I want to just randomly restart the router to annoy anyone that is at home using the internet.