So you want to Haxe(flixel)

As some of you might know I am a big fan of Haxe and Flixel when it comes to making 2D games, It makes life so much easier when I can quickly throw something together to test and iterate over it until I have something I am happy with and also be able to compile to multiple platforms with little effort. There are actually 3 parts to getting set up Haxe, OpenFL and then Flixel I won’t go into how to get it all setup as it is covered very well on the OpenFL site and the HaxeFlixel site covers how to get started with Flixel.

What I do want to mention is how you can find other members of what appears at first to be a very small community of developers and to also go over what I have setup when working with Haxe just incase anyone isn’t sure what to use to make life a bit easier.

HaxeFlixel Community

Forum: The forum seems to be fairly new but there are a few active users and I would imagine it will grow over the next couple of months
Discord: At the moment there are about 70 people using Discord to talk about their projects and share ideas
Slack: This is mainly used by the core development team but they are open to questions and talk about new planned features, Send a tweet to @haxeflixel and you will get an invite
Twitter: Regularly retweets #HaxeFlixel tweets and posts news on updates
GitHub: Where the code is 🙂
Steam: Play some games with other members of the community
IRC: #haxeflixel on freenode, Amazingly people are still using IRC

My Setup

My setup is the same whether I have the PC booted into Windows or Ubuntu or I am using my Macbook Pro. The obvious one to get out of the way is version control, I use GIT and I use it with BitBucket as they provide unlimited private and public repos for free which is handy. As I am a big fan of the command line on Windows I use GIT Bash which allows me to keep the same workflow across systems.

Next up is the editor which is a tough one, There is a great Haxe IDE for Windows called HaxeDevelop which is based on FlashDevelop. Sadly this is not available on Linux or OSX without virtualization which sucks a bit. To get around this I have been using Atom which I already use when I play with Go, To make the most of Atom and Haxe the packages I installed are:

All of these allow me to make the most of Atom and provide a fairly solid workflow when I am working on a project.


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2016-05-17 08:15