Just to mix things up this year and to try and encourage myself to post more often I have moved the website away from Wordpress and onto Hugo. Why Hugo? Well it isn’t because I have been doing a lot with Go over the past couple of years, I have started to get bored of the constant updates needed for Wordpress and the plugins. Hugo just happened to be something I was keeping an eye on for a documentation project and it seemed like a solid alternative for what I actually used Wordpress for and it has no need for a backend database or PHP which should in theory keep the load down on my Digital Ocean droplet and speed things up a bit.

So as part of this change I have moved over some of the older content and as I have unpublished the mobile games from the Google Play and Apple App Store I have removed the posts about the games themselves as it turns out while I do have a bit of free time that isn’t the direction I want to move in anymore although I may still take part in some of the game jams.

Next week I will write up a quick post on how I got Hugo up and running as it may be interesting for anyone else planning on making the move.