Ubuntu 13.10 and Eclipse Menu Bug

Over the weekend I decided to upgrade my Ubuntu install to 13.10 and update Eclipse at the same time to 4.3.1 as the version on the Ubuntu Software Center is very old now and leads to some small issues when working with the Android SDK.

When I opened Eclipse I noticed the menu was no longer inside the application instead it is located on the top bar, This would be fine if it actually worked. You can see the menu stubs but can’t actually do anything, After looking around I found that this is already in Launchpad and on the Eclipse bug tracker.


[Desktop Entry]
Comment=Eclipse Launcher
Exec= env UBUNTU_MENUPROXY= /home/user/eclipse/eclipse

This file can be made using gedit / nano / vi and you will get the nice desktop icon for Eclipse and can add it to the Unity Launcher with no problems. Hopefully this issue will be fixed before 14.04 gets released in April.


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2013-10-22 13:29